It’s time to take care of that busy mom in your life. These are the best self-care gifts ideas I know for moms busy with business life and mom life. Let me guess…mom is constantly taking care of kids, spouse, work, business, etc with nothing left for mom. Well guess what? If they keep running that race they will be the nothing left!

The more we take care of ourselves the better equipped we are to take care of others. Listen, I’ve run businesses for years and I KNOW it feels almost impossible to stop sometimes. But honestly, when I’ve done it – taken some time for me, that is – I can feel a positive shift in my overall health immediately and the business never implodes. Help mom out by giving her a special gift so she can have a treat to stop and decompress.

Mommy Seed with walking, looking back at camera

Self-care gifts are a great way to treat yourself, a family member or a best friend. I know mom entrepreneurs, especially, find it hard to carve out time for self care but it’s the best thing for our mental health. 

And if YOU are the mom in need of self care, what I need you to do is give this list to your loved ones so they can pamper you with the perfect gift to pamper yourself. To make it easy on them, whisper this in their ear…a great idea for a gift is to choose your favorite items from this list and put together a self-care basket. Here are my best self-care ideas for busy moms…

Shower Steamers

Discs of essential oils and dried flowers for the shower
Aromatherapy shower bombs

When it comes to self care one of the first things folks think of is a bath. I love nice, spa-like bath bombs for self care BUT who knew you could have a spa experience in the SHOWER! These shower steamers give essential oil steam to open you up and calm you down.

Spa-like Bath Bombs 

Bath bombs and bubble bars
Aromatherapy BATH bombs

Ok I gotta admit, a hot bath with a hot cup of tea or a glass of wine is amazing, but plop in a bath bomb and now all five of your senses are doing a self-care happy dance. I love these bath bombs because, yes they have wonderfully-scented essential oils and soothing ingredients for the skin, but they are also organic and 100% vegan. That means no parabens, fillers or GMOS.

Bath Salts

Bath salt jars with scoop
Epsom bath salts gift set

These aren’t grandma’s epsom salts…or are they? Wait grandma was into self care before it was all the rage? Ok grandma! These epsom salts are infused with essential oils in relaxing fragrances that help the immune system – Lavender, Eucalyptus Spearmint, Lemon Basil, Coconut, Tea Tree, and Honey Almond – and the cute packaging make it an easy gift.

Bath Caddy

Bathtub caddy to hold book, phone, etc over bath
Bath caddy tray for bathtub

I no longer take a bath without this…and my baths last at least two hours so I need all the relaxing things conveniently in front of me – book, candle, wine, iPad, flower – all the things. This caddy holds it all perfectly.

Wine Gift Set

Wine bottle opener, aerator, cutter, and preserver sitting on a round tray
Wine bottle opener, aerator, cutter, and preserver

Obviously you gotta put a glass of wine on that caddy above (or coffee or tea…whatever floats your bath bomb). This wine gift set includes an electric wine bottle opener, wine aerator, electric vacuum wine preserver, 2 bottle stoppers, and a foil cutter.

Wine Aerator

Wine aerator pouring wine into glass
Wine instant aerator

Decant immediately with this device. I just bought it and it definitely brings out the flavor of the wine. The aerator is super easy to use, easy to clean and comes in a convenient little storage case. I love that it comes in black or an almost metallic red if you want a pop of color.

Wine Club Subscription

Now that you have the above, you just need the actual wine. I started using First Leaf Wine Club for monthly deliveries. I love it because I can stop/start it as needed and adjust between 6 or 12 bottles depending on what I “need.” And every member gets access to your own personal wine concierge. If you don’t want to drink all the wine alone, let the hubby join you in self-care with some cozy date night ideas.

Sweet Treats

Ferrero Rocher chocolate candy bars in a box
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bars

A great addition to the basket is chocolate. The classic hazelnut-chocolate-creamy Ferrero Rocher treat has become a staple gift in my home. Everyone seems to love them. Who knew you could get it in this candy bar form?! This may be the perfect way to eat it. Break off a square for a daily treat.

Glasses from Peepers

Peepers glasses on girl in three styles
Peepers blue light reading glasses

I’m obsessed with the styles from Peepers. They keep me cute and keep my eyes protected. I buy them for everyone in my family, especially the kids who need the blue light protection since they are so often on devices. Peepers come in readers, blue light and progressives so you can comfortably read (and see) online or off.

Will by Will Smith

Cover of the book, Will
The book, Will, by Will Smith

Back to that bath…you’re gonna need a good book. Slap heard across the world aside, this is one of the best books I read this year. You MUST get both the physical copy AND the Audible. Will is truly an entertainer and he makes his life story so entertaining you forget you are also getting deep life lessons and amazing business tips. I had my 16 year old son listen to it and he even said he was amazed by it. That’s a lot coming from a teen.

Fuzzy Socks

Feet in a pair of fuzzy socks
Fuzzy socks

I’m not a socks-worn-alone type of girl and never thought I’d wear something like this…until I wore them. I quickly found out what all the hype is about. Fuzzy socks are one of the best ways to keep feet warm on cold nights. And, unlike I thought, surprisingly don’t dry your feet out. This pair has an anti-slip rubber bottom so you can wear them like slippers.

Serta iComfort Hybrid Bed Mattress, King 

Bed in a bedroom, behind girl on bench
My favorite bed I’ve ever owned or slept in

There is no relaxation without a good night’s sleep. My new mattress is spacious, plush and comfy. Literally the best bed I’ve ever experienced. And it’s weirdly accommodating. I can hop in and the bed won’t even shake the hubby on the other side. Note the materials and height of the bed prevent the need for a box spring. 

Adjustable Bed System

Adjustable bed base in upright position
Adjustable bed base

One reason I’m in love with my bed is this adjustable frame. I can position it into lounge mode to sit up and watch a movie, zero gravity for a floating feeling, anti-snore when I need to hush the hubby 😂, and it even has under-bed lights and massage! The legs are also adjustable, giving you multiple height options. I like a super high bed so I have it on the max – 12”.

Purple Harmony Pillow, King

This pillow has won awards and has been named “the greatest pillow ever invented.” I honestly agree. We’ve bought sooooo many different pillows over the years but after buying this one I made sure everyone in the house got one. It’s supportive, cooling and always springs back. I love this pillow so much. It’s a perfect self care gift, and a unique one, for yourself or others.

White Noise Machine with Night Light

Glowing white noise machine
A soft glowing white noise machine

This starts off as a simply a fun thing to listen to but you’ll quickly find that it’s so calming that – if the new bed and pillow above weren’t enough – you will get a super relaxing sleep. And I love that this white noise machine gives off a beautiful soft glow.

Yeti Rambler Water Bottle, 18oz

Girl drinking from Yeti water bottle
Black Yeti water bottle

There are three things I drink – wine, coffee and water. This water bottle is with me all day, every day. It keeps drinks cold for hours (or hot if you need it to) and has an easy way to be cleaned – just pop out the two rubber rings inside for a thorough cleaning. But here’s some bonus self care – I just read that it’s dishwasher safe! Woop woop! Everyone in the house has one now. 

Apple Watch Series 8 [GPS + Cellular 41mm] Smart Watch

Apple smart watch
Apple watch Series 8

This watch is crazy. It tracks whatever kinda workout I’m doing, has health sensors, answers phone calls, and basically does almost anything my phone can do. If I find out this thing can pick up my Starbucks then I’m marrying it.

Apple Airpods Pro Wireless Earbuds

Apple wireless Airpods rising out of case
Apple Airpods

Like everyone, I thought these Airpods would be constantly falling out of my ears and getting lost. But to my surprise I haven’t lost them once! They stay put. They auto sync with your other Apple devices, have great sound quality and I love that you can go into noise-canceling mode with just a squeeze.

Belt Bag with Adjustable Strap

Belt bag with adjustable strap
Belt bag with adjustable strap

Who knew fanny packs were gonna make such a comeback!…and re-brand under the guise of “belt bag” lol. I throw my essentials in here before I take my workout walk but it’s so convenient I wind up using it all day. And the style switch up to wearing it across the chest vs around the waist makes me feel like I’m not stuck in the 80’s. 

Maroma Incense

Incense inside of a cardboard cylinder
Bamboo-free incense sticks

I love good smells in the house and these are my favorite incense sticks. The brand makes this version which has no bamboo and thus is more concentrated (i.e. more intense smell). They also make more traditional style incense (on a stick) that are less intense. I buy both and use whichever I’m in the mood for. Either way, I love their incense more than many I’ve tried.

Tri-fold Light-up Vanity Mirror

Closed tri-fold mirror
Tri-fold light-up mirror

I remember my mom had one of these when I was a kid. It lit up so bright and I thought she was super glamorous when she used it. Now I’m grown enough to have my own. I stay ready for my close-up. Putting on makeup requires the right light and this mirror has the perfect one.

Lip Bar Matte Vegan Lipstick

Tube of purple lipstick
Lip Bar matte vegan lipstick

Sometimes all you need is a little lipstick. That’s what my grandmother used to say. She was right. When I’m looking my most basic I will still put on a lipstick (and earrings) to give my face at least a little pop. The Lip Bar lipstick is all vegan so I feel great about putting it on my lips and this color pops

Lip Balm / Lip Mask

Tub of lip mask
Laneige lip mask

This is one of those self care ideas that’s so simple it may be skipped. But the 4.5 out of 5 rating on this overnight lip mask (out of 20K reviews) lets you know there is something great to this product that shouldn’t be missed.

Coffee Mug Warmer

Coffee mug sitting on warmer, lid on side
Coffee mug warmer

Folks love hot coffee. Folks love iced coffee. But lukewarm coffee? Yuck. How many times does your coffee get cool and need to be reheated during the day? This coffee warmer the fix.

French Press

French press
French press

When I’m feeling extra fancy the coffee gets made in the French Press. I especially like that this one is glass so I can watch the pressing process. You’re getting double self-care here – relaxing from watching the process and satisfaction from tasting the product.

Counter Culture Whole Bean Coffee

Two bags of Counter Culture coffee
Counter Culture whole bean coffee

One of my absolute favorite brands of coffee. There’s no self care happening with coffee if your coffee tastes flavorless. You won’t have that worry with Counter Culture. 

Tiesta Tea

Packages of tea
Tiesta teas

Most people take a strong stance on either coffee or tea. Not me. I’m an equal-opportunity hot beverage drinker (yes it must be hot and not cold. I have to draw the line somewhere). I love tea, especially loose leaf. When I need to take a break from the caffeine in coffee I’ll opt for a good herbal tea. Tiesta Teas are ones that I enjoy. This variety pack takes you from no caffeine to high caffeine so you can choose whichever you desire that day. If you’re doing a grouping of items, tea or coffee are a perfect addition to your self-care box.

Inspiration Cards

Inspiration cards laying on a table and next to full, closed box
Oprah’s daily Inspiration cards

This year I have seen dedicated tablets that are purely for the purpose of scrolling through inspirational messages. This is cute. However, I would stay thinking I missed one. That would stress me out…defeating the whole “de-stress” purpose. So these physical cards are the fix. It’s Oprah’s “The Life You Want” Daily Inspiration cards. Now you can say you got one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. 

Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards next to box
Affirmation cards

What’s the difference between inspiration cards and affirmation cards you ask? While inspiration like the above gives you ideas for doing something, affirmation asserts that something is actually true. I say have both in your self care kit. These beautiful affirmation cards are deep enough for you to dwell on just one each day.

Adult Coloring Book

Woman with words around her, cover of book
Adult coloring book

Self-care ideas can be super simple like kicking it old school with a coloring book and some crayons (or colored pencils). Coloring is an easy way to relieve stress and this adult coloring book incorporates positive affirmations to improve your mindset which is good for physical health. Respect the mind, respect the body.

Self-Care Gift Box

If you’re at a loss of what to choose, a better way to go might be a self-care box filled with all their favorites. A bunch of little things thrown together creates a big impact. I’m talking a great book (like the one mentioned here), a yoga mat, a luxurious hand cream, or a gift card to their favorite indulgent place. Think spa gift certificate (yaaasss!) vs grocery store gift card (blah). We don’t want them tempted to buy groceries for the family, causing them to do more work, cooking for others. If your gift recipient is the type of person who has many interests, a gift box is a great place to start.

Listen, if you decide to go ahead and buy this whole list yourself, for yourself go for it. As a momma and entrepreneur you deserve it for your mental health maintenance. And when you’re ready to let the spouse join you in self care check out my tips for a cozy date night on the deck.