Fall weather means cozy times with the spouse. Here are my top 10 picks to get snug with your love outside, at home


The sparkle from these bulb lights is a whole mood that I can’t believe I lived this long without.


They say the Glencairn glass opens the flavor of the whiskey. Test that theory on date night. Next time invite friends over with this set of 6.


This fire pit has good height so you don’t have to bend down too much to toast your marshmallows. But mastering that fire log teepee structure is on you.


Sure we could get the classic supply of ingredients. But let’s not forget we are on a date. Make it special with this gourmet kit.


No one talks about how you usually fumble ingredients, and flaming marshmallows, trying to make these little sandwiches. Skip all that with this neat griller.


Can’t have a cozy date night without a cozy blanket. A weighted one like this presses out any of that cold night air.


Anyone who knows me knows I love a good game. Yes, you know your partner but the questions in this game are ones you don’t typically sit around and ask. But they are ones that will open up a bunch of great conversations.


Betcha didn’t see this one coming. Let’s be honest – ain’t nothing romantic about getting eaten up by mosquitos and flying insects all night. My buddy put me down with this spray and I seriously see zero bugs when I use it. Tip: Spray UNDER the deck as well as on top


Not gonna lie. I wear this silk-lined cap with all types of outfits and then TO SLEEP! It’s my go-to for cold weather, in between dye jobs, to keeping the hair protected, cuteness and convenience.


You’re not doing sweater weather season right if you don’t have a long cozy sweater like this. Yes I wear this AND use the blanket on a cold outdoors date night.

Keep rising, 

Nikki (aka Mommy Seed)