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Mom entrepreneurs productivity with book, The One Thing

The ONE Productivity Secret of Super Successful Digital Creator Moms

Is it just me or do you also find it odd when people on socials say things like, “Sorry I haven’t posted in so ...
in various Peepers bluelight glasses

Content Creator vs Influencer: Which Business is for You?

Let's play the "content creator vs influencer" game. Yes, I just made this up but play along! Decide which is the content creator and ...
Content creator family

Exhausted, Rich-Broke Restaurant Owner Who Never Saw Her Kids to Fulfilled Content-Creating Mom

I changed from having successive jobs that weren't meaningful to me, to being an overworked restaurant entrepreneur who had no time to spend with ...

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Fall weather means cozy times with the spouse. Here are my top 10 picks to get snug with your love outside, at home Shop ...

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Mom and son pose at lunch before a college tour

Should an Entrepreneur Attend College?

This past summer my fam and I did the first college tour for my son, Nigel. If you have a teen who, maybe like ...

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Bed in a bedroom, behind girl on bench

Best Self-Care Gift Ideas for Busy Moms

It's time to take care of that busy mom in your life. These are the best self-care gifts ideas I know for moms busy ...

About Mommy Seed

I'm Nikki, aka Mommy Seed. I started Loose Seeds - an online business focused on a content creation - with my kids as my partners back in 2017, which was kind of a shock because I've always been a brick-and-mortar business kinda girl. I've owned businesses in the physical world since I was a kid myself. I've owned a cookie business, catering business, writing service, real estate investing company, restaurants and many other businesses over the years.

I love business for the ability to do something you love and for the ability to control how much money you make. But nothing is more satisfying than pursuing financial freedom not just solo, but with my family. I want other parents to know the joy and satisfaction we experience growing this business together. Stay with me and learn how you can do the same with your own family.

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