Mom has lunch with son and wonders should an entrepreneur attend college?

This past summer my fam and I did the first college tour for my son, Nigel. If you have a teen who, maybe like mine, is in business with you, this brings to question: Should an entrepreneur attend college?

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Here are my “entrepreneurial mom” thoughts on college:

My college days were some of the best times I’ve had in my life — learning and living with people from all over the country, choosing what I wanted to learn, having the freedom and independence of being on my own. I would love for my kids to have those experiences as well.

Many say they never utilized what they studied in college in their adult work. But I actually DO use what I studied — Mass Communications/Radio-TV-Film— in the business I currently run. The knowledge gained from my degree is useful to my content creator business. So in that sense college was a win.


I can honestly say the education that I’ve taught myself, outside of college, directly affects what I do daily, WAAAAY more than my degree.

I’ve paid thousands for both college AND for entrepreneurial training. Only the latter has made a direct positive impact on my income.

I think college is great for many things, especially if you want to get a good job…even many great businesses were started in someone’s dorm room. And at the age you enter college it’s hard to know for sure if you want to be an entrepreneur or pursue a job.

My kids learn business not to limit them to running a business if that’s not what they want to do, but to give them the freedom to choose if they want to run a business or get a job because they’ll have the knowledge.

It takes a driven, self-motivated personality to be a successful entrepreneur. BUT the knowledge, impact and income you can gain in the four years of a business vs four years at a college can be unparalleled. AAAND don’t get it twisted, I do believe entrepreneurship is the key to financial freedom.

But the answer here isn’t black and white for me. Nothing is guaranteed. Sometimes with college, and business, you have to jump in and give it a try, even when you are uncertain, to see if it’s the thing for you.

What are your thoughts on pursuing college vs pursuing business?